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New Brighton: flexible protection against the elements

As a location it is second to none: a fantastic view across Liverpool Bay and the historic Fort Perch Rock and Light House – a new luxury housing development within Merseyside.

The Prom Apartments New Brighton, have stunning far reaching coastal views on beautiful days but in the midst of winter can be exposed to the stormy elements of the Irish Sea.  The request by The Neptune Group on this project was to provide a performance glazing solution to match the high-end feel of the development. As a perfect solution the SL25XXL offered a secure system, with inbuilt noise reduction properties, anti-rattle components and versatile protection of both the building – and its residents – from the elements, whilst allowing full enjoyment of the spectacular views over the Mersey estuary.

The SL 25 XXL glazing solution chosen for The Prom Apartments is taken from the family of SL 25 ‘all glass’ systems. It is designed to use unique components, profiles and roller mechanism allowing a maximum 65kg weight per panel and mechanically secured safety glass up to 15mm maximum thickness. This makes it ideal for use on balconies and highly exposed locations as it performs exceptionally well against wind loadings whilst simultaneously providing a secure and quiet living space due to its significant noise reduction characteristics. When in a closed position, the frameless glazing system offers full light transparency but with protection against adverse weather conditions but when fully opened it offers a full outdoor experience. In both cases, a very flexible and usable environment to relax and unwind in.

Martijn Venema, Managing Sales Director at Solarlux, said: “The SL25XXL is specifically designed to welcome the atmosphere into buildings; this is obviously a particular selling point when the properties enjoy such stunning views of the Mersey Estuary. It is also able to exceed expectations for such a challenging and exposed location which can experience numerous weather fronts across short periods.”

Solarlux also contributed significantly to the design, manufacture and fitting of the bespoke balcony balustrades incorporating enhanced strength wind posts to support the substantial structural loadings, whilst remaining a slim line and elegant feature. The use of the bespoke design of the SL45 system offers added value to residents of The Prom Apartments, providing an exceptionally safe outdoor lifestyle and allowing true appreciation of the stunning coastal views.

Daniel Hynd, Project Manager of the development, said: “The area has been transformed into a top leisure destination within the Wirral, enjoying superb local facilities, an easy commute to Liverpool and a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, the addition of the brand new homes just shows what a great place New Brighton is to live and visit.”

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