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Modernising with The Bi-Fold Door

High window cills, small windows, dark rooms: that is the commonly known appearance of older family homes, which are often not bright and open. Renovation breathes new life into the home, especially with the investment of a bi-fold-door. As a modern façade solution Solarlux’s The Bi-Fold Door can open up the living space to the terrace almost 100 percent and smoother in operation than the classic sliding door.

Whilst a sliding door a large glass panel will always remain in your field of view, bi fold door elements can be folded to a compact panel stack at the side of the opening. Through this intelligent folding mechanism residents can create a seamless transition internally to externally from the living room to garden, whenever they please.  


Furthermore, Solarlux’s The Bi-Fold Door offers sustainable protection against the wind, rain and cold - continuous tests against driving rain and wind loadings guarantee premium quality and performance. Even its thermal transmittance value can meet passive house standards. Therefore bi-folding doors are far superior to classic window solutions.


When residents opt for large glazed openings, safety becomes a major factor. Bi-folds can provide differing security options, achieving the highest European standard RC2 and the most advanced British certification is Secure By Design (preferred by the British police). Many bi-folding systems already comply with these standards.


Many designs - perfect for every building project

Design is a major aspect, this is no less important for renovations. Ultimately each refurbishment action taken must align with all remaining house elements in terms of design. Hundreds of colour options, different materials and various designs make The Bi-Fold Door a real multi-talent, which offers maximum freedom of planning. Moreover, bi-fold doors from premium manufacturers like Solarlux are bespoke, made and planned accurately to the millimetre to suit each individual building project.

Barrier-free floor track options offer easy crossing for wheelchairs or buggies alike.


Find out more about our most innovative system here.


More light, more space, more quality of living. To create wide open spaces and seamless transitions is not only our own demand, but daily realised corporate philosophy. We would like to share our know-how with you to always offer yourself and our customers a superior service. The system overview is part of our Solarlux Academy, a platform for knowledge transfer.

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