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Balkonverglasung SL 25

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Balkonverglasung SL 25

Balconies and façades

Add a new dimension of light and space and ensure sustainability: there are a number of ways that the innovative Solarlux systems for balcony and façade design add value to a property. Our aesthetic façade design offers the perfect marriage of energy optimisation and precision-fit building protection.

Add value to your property

Solarlux's future-oriented concepts are geared towards the demands of ecologically and economically-driven change. Whether you want to glaze or renovate an existing balcony, or enhance the value of your property by retrofitting a completely new balcony, Solarlux offers the same limitless flexibility.

Balconies and Façades




  • SL Co2mfort-Façade

Solarlux-Qualität, die überzeugt

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Variety of designs with tailor-made solutions
  • Heat-insulated and non-heat-insulated systems
  • Various opening options are available
  • Largely prefabricated, therefore short installation times
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany"

Contact us!

We will gladly be available to help you with your planning. During the whole building project there will be a contact person to assist you. We are looking forward to your inquiry.



Solarlux Systems Limited
5 Quadrant Park
Welwyn Garden City,

Tel: +44 1707 339970


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