How secure are Bi-Folding Doors?

Vast expanses of glass that can be moved with little more than a light one-handed push, a cascading flow of natural light spilling into the room. The Bi-folding doors from Solarlux are more than just a door, they offer a true lifestyle transformation.


Every precision-engineered component provides high-performance operation and is customised to your home and personal taste. But how secure are these bespoke award-winning bi-fold doors?

How secure are Solarlux bi folding doors?

The range of stunning bi folding doors from Solarlux is crafted to create a seamless link between the inside and outside of your home, without sacrificing any of the comfort or security. Don’t let the slim sightlines deceive you, these high-quality doors are designed to fulfil even the strictest of UK and European safety standards.


An advanced German-engineered multipoint locking mechanism is concealed in the frame of the doors. They are compliant with European testing standard RC2 and PAS 24:2016 in the UK. We are proud that select products from our bi folding door range are certified by Secured by Design (SBD). SBD is an initiative started in the late 1980s by the UK Police Service to reduce a spike in burglaries and improve the manufacturing standards of products used in the domestic construction industry, including windows and doors.


Secure wood and aluminium bi fold doors

Not only does a wood Solarlux bi folding door give a room with a sense of character and charm, but it also combines perfectly with our high-tech locking system to protect the home from would-be intruders. The wood used in our doors is sourced from sustainable forests in accordance with the Solarlux mission statement. All wood bi folding doors are certified by an independent auditor to confirm that it’s created in line with our stringent quality standards.


Aluminium is a durable, sustainable and exceptionally strong material that keeps homes safe and secured against intrusion as well as the British elements. The aluminium used in our product range is certified in accordance with the German A.U.F Recycling Loop, confirming that our manufacturing process saves on resources and recycling occurs in an environmentally-conscience manner.

Bespoke premium products from Solarlux

For over 35 years, Solarlux has built a reputation for precision-engineered products and reliable network of partners. Every detail of our award-winning products is expertly crafted to your specification and taste to ensure you get the perfect product. Contact us online for more information on any of our products or to find an installer near you.

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