Lift and slide system SL 178

Timber, thermally insulated

The new timber two-track tilt and slide system SL178 comes with a flush floor track as well as our approved bottom running tilt and slide running gear. Various options for rolling tracks guarantee an ever smooth operation even when the panel weight is an impressive 400 kg.

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Natural comfort

Through the use of premium timber, the new tilt and slide SL178 system blends naturally into any environment or living space.  Of course, in terms of technology and operational comfort you can rest assured that the trusted Solarlux  approach to engineering quality has been applied to every area of this system.

Design features

  • 184 mm frame; 78 mm timber panel profile
  • Laminated engineered timber is used for the panel profiles.
  • Panel width 820 to 3335 mm
  • Panel height 1175 to 3325 mm
  • Glass thicknesses from 24 to 42 mm can be used.
  • Locking by means of anti-burglar bolts.
  • A lever on the inside and a cup drawer pull on the outside are standard fittings of the sliding panel.
  • Threshold for wheelchair access according to DIN 18040 with a 5 mm raised runner track. The threshold is a combined multi-cavity aluminium/PVC profile which is strong and has excellent heat insulating properties.
  • Scantling frame. Reveals and soffit with continuous facing up to maximum length of 4 m (depending on the type of timber) or up to 6 m length with finger joint facing. Larger frames are butted.

Types and sizes of openings

  • Type A: twin panels with one sliding panel.
  • Type C: four panels with two centre sliding panels.
  • Opening widths up to 4300 mm with a total width of up to 9000 mm.


  • Heat insulation Uw values to EN ISO 10077-2.
  • Air permeability according to EN 12207.
  • Protection against driving rain to EN 12208.

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