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Shading options

Even with the best insulation, a wintergarden can get very warm on hot days; this can be remedied using our premium shading systems.

Awnings provide effective shade on the outside catching the sun’s rays before they hit the glass and keep things nice and cool inside. Inside shading options such as blinds, pleated blinds and Venetian blinds also keep your wintergarden from getting too warm and stop prying eyes from looking in.

For optimum climate control, combine with wind and temperature sensors to regulate the temperature even when you are not at home.

Heating & Ventilation solutions

Harsh, unpleasant weather really brings out the value of the protected comfort of your wintergarden. You can make the most of experiencing the bad weather whilst being warm and cosy inside! Surprisingly little heating energy is required to create comfortable temperatures, even on cold days. Fireplaces and tiled stoves are especially effective, as is underfloor heating, however, even normal radiators and underfloor convectors can be integrated into a wintergarden without any problem.

In order to maintain the perfect climate at all times your wintergarden can be fitted with a wide range of ventilation variants that can be combined in many different ways. The flexible opening options of the bi-fold door provide plenty of fresh air, while adjustable ventilators at the bottom of the window and bi-fold doors help keep your wintergarden oxygenated whatever the weather. Both traditional roof lights and sliding or tilting windows can be integrated into the roof area for additional ventilation. Weatherproof roll ventilators enhance the effects of the ventilation system. All your electrically motorised opening elements can be controlled automatically in response to the temperature, humidity, wind, sunlight and rain conditions.

wintergarden glazed extension

Lighting options

As soon as the sun goes down, a well-placed light source can create a cosy ambience. Spotlight rails with built-in low-voltage lamps can be mounted under the individual rafters for a subtle yet effective solution. A range of fixed and swivelling LED spotlights, halogen lights and star spotlights, equipped with dimmable transformers, are available.

Automation convenience

The intelligently harmonised technical fittings of your wintergarden provide a foundation that will enable you to enjoy it all year round. You can operate all the components by hand if you wish but the automatic control options offer maximum convenience which allows you to regulate the ventilation, shading and lighting in one place.

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