SDL Nobiles wintergarden

Aluminium, heat-insulated

The completely heat-insulated roofing system supports roof pitches of 5° to 45°. The rafters give the roof a filigree and elegant design. All connection areas have precisely designed insulation zones without condensation weak spots.

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Optimum solution for flat roofs

The SDL Nobiles is the perfect solution for a particularly light, filigree design. The minimalist designer rafters create the impression of a flat roof from the outside. Slender rafter sections with special aluminium cast covers give the system an almost floating design.

  • Heat-insulated roofing system
  • Roof pitches of 5° to 45° possible
  • Easy, quick installation of the wall connection
  • No additional mullions or seals necessary on the inside of the wintergarden structure
  • High carrying capacity and maximal distances between posts thanks to steel reinforcement in the rafters and eaves
  • Isothermal flow
  • Low U-values, Uf to 1.7
  • Glazing: Roof glazing from 28 to 42 mm possible
  • The True Divided Light (TDL) glazing sash bar is form-fitted to the rafter with 4-sided structural glazing

Your wintergarden could look like this

When building your wintergarden, you can also choose from a wide range of roof designs. Here you can see a selection of different roof types. We can customise your building project to meet your own individual requirements. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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