SDL Atrium Plus glass canopy

Aluminium, non-heat-insulated

Enjoy maximum transparency: distances between posts of up to 5.72 m and roof depths of up to 6.37 m are possible with the SDL Atrium roof system. Permanent roof ventilation ensures a pleasant climate beneath the glass canopy.

Wintergarten und Terrassenüberdachungen von Solarlux 0 ../../img/loading.gif { "Bilder": { "450": { "minBreite": 450, "minHoehe": 210, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/0450x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/0450x0000.jpg" }, "480": { "minBreite": 480, "minHoehe": 225, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/0480x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/0480x0000.jpg" }, "768": { "minBreite": 768, "minHoehe": 360, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/0768x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/0768x0000.jpg" }, "1024": { "minBreite": 1024, "minHoehe": 480, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/1024x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/1024x0000.jpg" }, "1280": { "minBreite": 1280, "minHoehe": 600, "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/1280x0000.jpg", "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/1280x0000.jpg" } }, "AltText": { "Bild1": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Sparren / Sprosse", "Bild2": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Permanente Dachlüftung", "Bild3": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Profilabdeckungen", "Bild4": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Stütze / Dachüberstand", "Bild5": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Traufe", "Bild6": "Terrassenüberdachung SDL Atrium plus - Stütze" } , "Texte": { "Bild1": "Controlled, cascade-like drainage thanks to the height offset between the rafters and the glazing bar " , "Bild2": "Pleasant climate beneath the glass canopy (optional) " , "Bild3": "Elegant aluminium cast mould for wall connection with rafters and eaves – without visible screws " , "Bild4": "The distance between posts and the size of the overhang is variable, filigree look thanks to small gutter channel, rafters and supports " , "Bild5": "Harmonious gutter design, large distances between posts thanks to concealed steel reinforcement, drainage via spout or downpipe with covering (optional) " , "Bild6": "Support length can be cut to size on site, optionally available with height adjustment " } ,"ThumbTexte": { "Bild1": "roof memeber joint" , "Bild2": "trickle type roof ventilation" , "Bild3": "profile cover" , "Bild4": "support/ roof overhang" , "Bild5": "eaves purlin" , "Bild6": "support" } , "Thumbnails": { "Bild1": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-verbindung-sparren-sprosse/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild2": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-permanente-dachlueftung1/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild3": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-profilabdeckungen/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild4": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze-dachueberstand/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild5": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-traufe/0150x0100.jpg" , "Bild6": "../../files/jpg1/html/sdl-atrium-plus-stuetze/0150x0100.jpg" } }

Enjoy the great outdoors for almost 365 days a year!

The Solarlux SDL Atrium Plus, glass canopy transforms your patio into a haven of peace and relaxation. Even greater transparency is possible with a distance between posts of up to 5.72 m and a roof depth of up to 6.37 m. With a full range of accessories such as the designer heater, various awnings and the energy-efficient, dimmable LED lights, the SDL Atrium Plus, is a true all-rounder to suit everyone.

  • non-heat-insulated aluminium roof system
  • High-Quality flat roof construction
  • roof pitch of only 2°
  • can be used as either a free-standing construction, or as part of the house architecture
  • wall joint with cable duct
  • coordinated shading solution
  • internal Beams
  • built-in lighting with concealed cable routing is also possible
  • the position of the posts is variable
  • slim, all-round facia of only 253 mm
  • wide range of available profiles 
  • 8, 10 or 12 mm glazing
  • preferred upright units for the glass canopy are: SOLARLUX SL 20e, SL 25, SL 25R, SL 25 XXL, SL 35 and SL 45

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