The r.evolution  of the bi-folding door!

The r.evolution of the bi-folding door

Functionality in perfection, slimmest sight lines, best thermal insulation values, unlimited combinations: the Bi-Fold Door combines filigree design and precision engineering. Despite the narrow sight lines of only 99 mm, the new system has improved static and U-values. The many combination possibilities with top lights, fixed, tilt and turn elements as well as corner elements confirm that the new bi folding door is an absolute multitalent. Especially elaborate: Different elements can now be combined in just one frame.

The technical highlights at a glance:

Minimal floor track

minimale Bodenschiene - barrierefrei. Glas-Faltwand 3.0

The minimal floor track offers accessibility according to DIN 18040. With a height of 14 millimetres, it is not only barrier-free and suitable for living spaces, but is also available with a zero barrier without any height offset – at a width of only 29 mm.

Best thermal insulation values

Beste U-Werte für die Glas-Faltwand dank bionicTurtle

the Bi-Fold Door’s core piece is the new bionicTurtle® - a multifunctional insulating thermal break which scores with absolutely unique technical details. The patented technological feature enables the system to meet u-values of passive house standard; Uw > 0.8 W/m²K. 

Panel Joints

Schmale Ansichtsbreiten. Flügelstoß der Glas-Faltwand

A visible width of only 99mm in the panel joints creates an extremely slim design of the  Bi-fold Door. It therefore fulfils more than ever high requirements for aesthetics and transparency through its sophisticated technology providing an even greater wealth of possibilities.

Adjustment profile

Glas-Faltwand - Justierprofil

The lateral adjustment profile provides a simple and fast alignment for size and panel tolerances. Width adjustment of the panels takes place in the door frame and no longer has to be carried out individually for each panel, ensuring the sealing pressure between the panels to remain consistent. What is more, the surrounding sealing level is not interrupted by the adjustment profile.


Laufwagen Glas-Faltwand

The stainless steel carriage with twin track groove ball bearings runs smoothly which keeps the noise level extremely low. Height adjustment is possible even after the installation. The optimal load transfer onto the carriage and the running track facilitates large panel weights. The entire stainless steel carriage system requires minimal maintenance and is free of wear.


Glas-Faltwand: Verriegelung

100% open 100% secure.

The refined Solarlux locking mechanism with 24 mm penetration into the top and bottom tracks ensures a high level of security according to the RC2 and RC2N burglary resistance class. Lock monitoring with reed contacts as well as concealed cable routing are possible.


Solarlux Glas-Faltwand: Reinigungsbeschlag

The new cleaning pins can be easily locked and unlocked allowing convenient cleaning of the outer sides of the panels even in multi-storey buildings. New locking technology ensures that it is not possible to operate the system incorrectly. Furthermore, the new safety retainer holds the hinge pin in position.

Concealed Hinges


The concealed hinges provide a consistent, homogenous panel design. Only the top and bottom hinges are visible. It centres the panels in relation to each other thus ensuring a consistent seal compression and an even joint design. A further benefit is the uninterrupted sealing level.

Further information about the bi-fold door

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