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Glas-Faltwand Aluminium

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Award-winning bi-fold doors

Smooth transition between inside and out

Bi-folding doors from Solarlux set the standard with a flowing transition between the inside and out to increase your sense of well-being. Unlike traditional sliding doors, which can leave a large section of the opening covered by glass even when fully open, the individual elements of the bi-folding door gather up into a slender bundle of panels to one side. 

Fully open up to nature

The custom-made flexible bi-folding doors by Solarlux can be opened or closed to the exact width you require across the entire opening with just a flick of the wrist. Even when closed the large expanses of glass create a feeling of freedom, provide more light and give  an  unobstructed view of your garden. As required, the individual panels glide quietly and smoothly inwards or outwards, folding to the right or left - they can be incorporated with tilt-and-turn panels and/or window elements also - the possibilities are endless!

Far more than just a window

Functionality in perfection, slimmest profile faces, best thermal insulation values, unlimited combinability: the new bi-folding door is ideal for all private living space requirements as a classic exterior element, as a bespoke solution under the wintergarden, as a multifunctional shop entrance or as noise and weather protection in use as balcony or facade glazing.

Advantages of the bi-folding door

Opened over the entire front, bi-folding doors extend the living space into the open air and give the term "open living" a whole new dimension. The bespoke, flexible glazing solutions can be opened or closed in any desired width in just a few simple steps.

Whether private, public or commercial space – with the innovative glazing made of aluminium, wood and wood/aluminium, you can realise sophisticated architecture both in new construction and in building renovation.

Vorteile einer Glas-Faltwand Aluminium

Solarlux bi-folding door products


Qualität einer Glas-Faltwand

Premium Quality

  • Glazing possibilities with sound insulation, sun protection, burglar resistance or self-cleaning effect.
  • Wide, barrier-free access to the garden.
  • A wide range of design options for perfect integration into the existing living space.
  • Aluminium or wood materials.
  • All Solarlux products are tested and certified by various independent testing institutes.
  • All Solarlux products are guaranteed "Made in Germany".
Die Glas-Faltwand - einfach gut und einfach zu bedienen

Open up your home

A bi-folding door five metres wide can be folded like an accordion into a 50 cm narrow panel package

Systems made of aluminium, wood or wood/aluminium perfectly match the style and architecture of the house.

Flooded with light
Daylight penetrates deep into the interior of the building through large glass surfaces.

Glas-Faltwand Awards, Preise und Auszeichnungen


Functionality in perfection, narrowest slimmest profile faces, best thermal insulation values, unlimited combinability: the bi-folding door is convincing in many respects. This is also confirmed by an internationally renowned specialist audience as Solarlux bifold doors have won five awards.

Technik und Downloads für Glas-Faltwände

Technical details & Downloads

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