Cero III achieved RC3 burglar resistance certification17. June 2016

Solarlux has once again exceeded strict safety requirements from the Velbert Test Institute.


Solarlux's sliding window Cero III was successfully certified to the highest level of protection (resistance class RC3) by the institute. The high rating was awarded due to Cero III’s ability to provide a superior level of safety and protection, as well as its resistance to burglary.

Clients understandably rate safety incredibly highly on their list of necessary product features. Cero III was developed to ensure a high quality finish, along with maximum protection and resilience once installed. To prove its safety credentials, the window has been the subject of a rigorous 20 minute test by the Velbert Institute, which it passed with ease - an unbeatable argument for clients who rate the outstanding transparency of Cero's large glass panels. After all, no other sliding window of this size can guarantee the same degree of protection.

As the popularity of glass as a material in premium living spaces and the demand for barrier free, open plan living soars, so too does the need to provide safety and security assurance. The RC classification that the resilient window was awarded offers clients and architects crucial peace of mind. Cero III exceeded expectations during the rigorous testing process, defying even the worst mistreatment, subsequently being awarded the highest classification, RC3 for burglar resistance.

While it may be assumed that the cause for security concern is within the glass window itself, often it’s the runners that can be tampered with and present a safety risk. Cero III fittings and runners are extremely robust and the floor tracks are fully recessed, complying with the standard for barrier-free living spaces.  The incredibly resilient Cero III system even withstood thorough testing by the Velbert Industry with tools, such as crowbars.

Mark Phillips of Solarlux said: “We are extremely pleased but not surprised Cero III has been certified to the highest level of security. Safety and durability are at the heart of the design for Cero III, but the window also boasts a premium design and can be used in barrier-free living spaces.”

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