Modern space ideas - how to introduce more light into your home09. April 2020

Doctors are frequently stressing the importance of exposing yourself to daylight, as it is known to improved well-being and mood. These aren’t the only benefits to increasing natural light into your home. Natural light can make a room feel more inviting and give it a bigger appearance, both of which boost your home’s value. Don’t worry if your room lacks an abundance of natural light, here are a few handy tricks to welcome more light into your home.

Solarlux Highline Bi-fold door

Light colour schemes

Statement wallpaper can tie a room together, but it can also absorb valuable light. Instead, opt for a lighter colour scheme which will reflect light back into the room. A common trick that interior designers use is to paint the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls, creating the illusion of space and height. Interior designers also recommend choosing matte paint over a gloss alternative; glossy walls are known to create glare, whereas matte paint will evenly reflect the light.

Bi-fold and sliding doors

With their vast expanses of glass, bifold and sliding doors allow a flood of natural light to brighten a room, while providing a seamless transition between the home’s interior and exterior. The increase in glass won’t affect the comfort of your home. These doors are precision-engineered guaranteeing outstanding thermal insulation and providing reliable protection from the elements. With almost countless potential configurations, every product in the Solarlux range is a bespoke creation, uniquely crafted to a home and client’s requirements.


Even carpets with a light hue can contribute to darkening the room. Choosing the right flooring, such as a light wood, is another powerful way to brighten up a room. An interior design top tip is to go for wood flooring with light stains, especially in areas that are used more frequently. These stains are perfect for masking scratches that may occur over time. You can still inject your personality into a room with a large colourful rug.


Smart use of mirrors is the easiest way to significantly improve the amount of light in a room. Large mirrors are a valuable way to create the illusion of space. The bigger the mirror, the more space it will appear to create. Another effective way to optimise light is to hang a mirror directly opposite a large window, doubling the amount of light in the room. 

Have you ever looked at a room and thought “there’s something missing?” Interior designers solve this problem by adding textures to a room. Picking the right mirror can also provide texture to the room, either with its own appearance or reflecting the texture of an object in the room.

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