Protection against the British elements16. April 2020

Unpredictable weather is something we are all too familiar with living in the UK. With storms regularly howling through the UK, you will need to be sure that your home can handle what the British climate can throw at you. We at Solarlux take extra care to ensure that our products are tailored to your needs and local climate to offer your home reliable protection from the intrusive elements.

Solarlux Wintergarden glass extension

Solarlux Wintergarden

The wintergarden is an impressive and fully custom-built glass extension. The design means that it is highly efficient and thermally insulated making it the ideal link between the interior of your home and the natural world around it. As the seasons change, the wintergarden regulates its temperature and uses the power of the sun to save you energy. There are also a multitude of glazing (such as heat-retaining or anti-sun) and ventilation options (such as motorised or manual tilting windows or sliding rooflights) to choose from.


Solarlux Bi-fold Door

While Solarlux bi-fold doors are designed to open up your home up so that you can enjoy the sun, they provide unfailing protection from inclement conditions too. The door’s clever design includes features such as two all-round gasket seals to protect you against wind and rain. We are continuously developing our product range to make sure we offer you the most efficient and reliable bi-fold doors possible.


Glass Canopy and Glass House

Glass canopies and glass houses feature versatile expanses of glazing that add value to your home without obscuring your view of the outside world. Protection from the wind and turbulent weather is a priority, with the system being rigorously tested to ensure it can handle extreme weather conditions, such as high wind and heavy snow loads. Don’t believe us? This video is from one of our German partners and shows a glass house offering reliable protection from heavy storm conditions: Solarlux glass house - allweather protection!


cero Sliding Door

cero is a multi-award-winning sliding door system from Solarlux. This innovative system opens up a room thanks to a design featuring extensive glass panels and integrated stainless-steel roller units allowing you to effortlessly move up to a ton of glazing with ease. Our testing of the cero sliding doors ensures that the system offers optimal protection from driving rain and heavy wind. It also offers outstanding thermal efficiency with U-values as low as 0.76 W/m²K.


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