4 surprising facts about Solarlux glass products!20. April 2020

Whether you have recently been introduced to our premium glass product range or have an intimate knowledge of Solarlux, here are a few notable and surprising facts that you may not know about our company.

Highline Bi-folding door

The world’s first ever bi-fold door system began with a drawing on a beermat

Almost 40 years ago, Herbert Holtgreife and Heinz Theo Ebbert were sitting in a pub in Bissendorf, Germany. During their discussion, they began sketching a concept for a bifold door system. Little did these two ambitious entrepreneurs know that this would be the beginning of something truly special. Solarlux was founded in 1983, with the pair developing the first system ever marketed bifold door system based on the original sketch. The company is now run by Herbert Holtgreife’s son, Stefan, and has around 900 employees in 60 countries across the world.


Trusted by some of the world’s biggest sports franchises 

Solarlux products appear in countless stadiums and sports facilities around the world. One example is the Chase Centre in San Francisco, home to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors dominated the NBA and featured in give straight finals matchups between 2015 and 2019, scooping three titles in the process. The six-time NBA champions opened their new 18,000 seat arena, the Chase Center, in 2019. The Solarlux cero II sliding window was selected to complete the grand and premium appearance of the arena.

Solarlux products are also featured in the new Yankee Stadium. The New York Yankees are the most recognisable and valuable baseball franchise on the planet. The 27-time champions opened their new stadium in 2009 and christened it by winning the World Series in the first season in their new home. Our SL 25 balcony glazing and SL 45 bifold doors are featured in the $2.3 billion stadium, making it the second most expensive sports stadium of all time.


Serious about sustainability 

Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word to Solarlux, it’s something we take very seriously and is at the core of everything we do. This is a promise illustrated by our 55,000 m2 factory and every product we manufacture. This state-of-the-art facility [JD1] features innovative applications of natural energy resources, including the fact that around 60% of the heating demand of our Solarlux Campus in Melle, Germany comes from geothermal energy. Our wood is certified by the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to be sourced from sustainable forestry.


Solarlux vs. extreme weather

Solarlux’s glass houses are designed to transform your patio into a haven of peace and relaxation. Its sturdy design gives you reliable protection from even the most extreme weather the British climate can throw at you. This claim is put to the test in a video from one of our Quality Partners. The video shows a Solarlux SDL Atrium Plus providing unfailing shelter in extreme wind and rain, proving Solarlux’s quality and dependable nature.



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