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SOLARLUX Systems Limited
5 Quadrant Park
Welwyn Garden City,

Tel: 0170 73 39 970


30 years of passion and precision

"You can follow tradition or look to the future. We manage to do both."

Solarlux GF groß

A commitment to high quality, production "Made in Germany", excellent service and the desire always to be one step ahead: this is what the family company and its 550 employees stand for. With 30 years' experience in the manufacture of bi-folding glass doors, wintergardens and façade solutions, we firmly believe that we will find an individual solution for your project, which meets your demand for timeless design and outstanding quality.

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Solarlux wins innovative prize Top 100
Solarlux wins innovative prize Top 100

There is no stopping Solarlux! The Top 100 prize ...

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